Programmatic buying for the movie industry in Belgium

Confused movie professional?

SymDroid Services specializes in buying programmatically in Benelux for the movie sector using the buying platform of Adform. With both video, mobile, interactive & programmatic capabilities, Adform provides the perfect platform for allowing brand advertising for the movie sector in Belgium.

Owning a popular movieblog while being an expert at digital media, SymDroid Services can go the extra mile for movie distributors and producers. Various strategies are used within the Real Time Bidding landscape, such as the usage of 3rd party data to find your target group online or using a whitelist of specialized movie websites and filmblogs to be on the websites your audience is surfing on. SymDroid Services uses the most advanced technics to give a movie the attention it deserves. Latest example is buying audience on apps within smartphones sharing the geolocation so you can target people in the neighbourhood of cinema multiplex or other movie houses.

Benchmarks in the sector indicate a CTR of ~0.10% CTR on desktop, ~0.31% on mobile and ~0.52% on video / Rich Media on the RTB landscape. In Belgium, a CTR of average 0.14% using different kind of online channels is a great opportuniteit for marketeers to interact with a young audience online (source: Adform Rich Media benchmarks 2015).