Welcome to SymDroid.eu

Welcome to SymDroid.eu, started as digital identity of online marketing specialist Dax Vercauteren but growing into a larger company. Dax is an experienced online marketeer with more than 15 years experience in search marketing, affiliate marketing, social media, display marketing, Real Time Bidding, programmatic advertsing, web analytics, adserving and conversion optimization. Achieved a university degree in Communications Sciences at VUB as well as certificate in Usability Design at KU Leuven. He is currently training additional persons with his knowledge into digital marketing & adtech.

SymDroid Services provides different solutions to customers such as web development (PHP, javascript, jquery, XML, etc.), website management (creation + content) and online marketing consultancy. SymDroid Services has also been pioneering in the era of e-Privacy using 1st party IDs instead of 3rd party cookies in terms of web analytics, SSP, DMP & more.

Don’t hesitate to contact the team through his e-mail address if you want to hire him for various projects.